Мне уже как-то неловко спамить тигрокроликов в основной дневник. :laugh: Буду складывать интересующие меня цитаты из интервью и прочих сопутствующих материалов здесь.

+ "Hi! I’m Kotetsu, the member of T&B who has short eyelashes!"
+ During the work on T&B people within the company kept telling the staff to give it up.
+ (из перескзаза ивэнта) Yuri did some of the rules explanation (after introducing himself as the judge and overseer of the heroes) and saying if you don’t follow the rules (especially concerning cellphones) you’ll hear the voice of Thanatos.
Kotetsu: “Eh? Thanatos?”
Yuri: "…You were imagining things."
+ Kotestu’s design was the hardest to draw and think of. He kept going through different wrinkles and shapes of the beard, and even ended up drawing a more grandpa like character.
+ Karina’s name was meant to sound Nordic, to fit with the international feel.
+ The female producer Matsue asked Katsura to “draw a hot guy” who looks like a main character, and that was Ivan.
+ While creating the characters, one plan was to have Bunny have teleportation powers instead of the Hundred Powers, but in the end they figured that since the two were a combo, Tiger and Bunny would have the same powers.

+ Barnaby’s trust is absolute. Within his heart there’s very clear dividing line between the people he can trust and those he can’t.
+ Fire Emblem: A person who acts like a bridge between the Guy Team and Girl Team.
+ The animators laughed when they read that Bunny’s jump was nicknamed “handsome escape” on the internet. (Кстати, нет источника под рукой, но введенное фанатами же «crapsuit» для старой формы Котетсу им так приглянулось, что кто-то из стаффа ввел его в оборот официально, лол)
+ Dragon Kid will probably forever remain a kid at heart; the nuanced, unfair and complex adult world just doesn’t fit her very well.
+ Nathan is sensitive and understanding, but people like that are also rather easy to wound.
+ Keith is almost incapable of hurting people, in both speech and conduct.
+ Lunatic’s character illustrates how justice is neither absolute, nor necessarily right.

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